Supporting organizations in the development financed by research and development activities, as well as being able to build the ecosystem in which to develop innovations and find partners by structuring the group or cluster are all fundamental activities in order to give concrete form to projects.


Unit sets up for national and international research and development, innovation, design and knowledge transfer activities.

It is the unit that deals with Novareckon’s core business, consisting of profiles with proven professional experience and researchers with experience in managing, designing, supporting and finding partners and economic and financial resources in research and development. It is the founding core of Novareckon, with a track record of absolute value and international recognition with consolidated partnerships in leading academic network in Europe in the field of funded research.
From regional subsidies, loans and contributions, incentives for research and innovation, up to the design for the Horizon 2020 program and COSME funding, to business services for digitization and industry 4.0.