Who we are

We are among the leading players in Europe in managing knowledge deriving from research and innovation.

For years alongside companies, public bodies, international and national research centers, non-profit organizations and also involved in projects that start thanks to citizens: every time, in which, research and development are themes of challenge and innovation is the launch plan towards growth. For years we have been protagonists of managing change and enhancing the wealth of knowledge of those who turn to us and entrust us.

Because innovation is the heart of our ecosystem and it is the vision of our service’s horizon.

We are at the center of an international ecosystem of

institutional and professional operators of research and development

Novareckon was born as a spin-off of public research to enhance the encounter between academia and companies, public bodies, the non-profit sector and citizens.

Today it is an innovative SME in full growth, which invests in R&D, hires highly qualified personnel and develops a portfolio of its business projects.

Our network has grown strongly over time, consolidating around the internationally recognized success of product and process innovation projects as well as change management models in light of (in view of) technological evolution.


Our vision, our values, our commitment

We combine skills and we transfer knowledge to create and develop innovation projects, covering all the management aspects: feasibility study, work plan, team building, intellectual property, financing.

Thanks to the involvement in numerous R&D projects funded by the European Commission, we participate in the life of the international scientific community and develop multi-sector research lines.


Novareckon operates as a research and development center that plays a leading role in an innovation ecosystem involving primary public and private research centers on a national and international scale. The academic matrix that led to the creation of Novareckon as a research spinoff distinguishes and constantly pervades the operational context of its supply chain.


Inside the acronym KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Service) is summarized the essence of Novarekon’s work methodology. Knowledge is a structural and pervasive element: its management and its enhancement are the pivots on which all the methodological processes of our services revolve, the hubs from which all the interventions to support the customer is originated.


Novareckon realizes and delivers its services according to an engineered and structured multidisciplinary platform based on 4 specialized pillars, represented by operating units overseeing the thematic field of intervention and related processes. Each of the 4 units is managed by a manager with a team and the overall coordination is guaranteed by a specialized director.


Effectiveness and efficiency are the result of optimization: bringing new knowledge and knowing how to manage what is already present. For any organization, knowing how to manage the wealth of knowledge and skills is a multiplier of value and strength towards the internal and external criticalities of the organization itself, as well as the professional growth of the people who compose it.

Company Profile Unit

We are in charge of research, planning and development of business activities on international scale. The operating model is divided into dedicated units, coordinated and distributed in various Italian and European locations. The managerial and organizational management enables the units in coherence with the analysis of the customer’s needs and his requests. The effectiveness of response is achieved by designing and offering scalable solutions tailored to customer.


Unit sets up for activities concerning intellectual property and in particular industrial property, copyright, protection of intangible assets.

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Unit sets up for the study of scenarios of economical and financial impact of research and development and feasibility innovation plans.

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Unit sets up for national and international research and development, innovation, design and knowledge transfer activities.

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Unit sets up for communication and dissemination of the results of scientific research, planning and knowledge transfer.

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We are among the main players at European level in the management of knowledge deriving from research and innovation.

Transport & Logistics

Environment, Climate & Energy

Agri-food, Precision Farming

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Circular Economy, Bio-economy & Advanced Materials

Security & Emergency Management

ICT & Digitization


Culture & Tourism