Crisis Management Tool for epidemics

The HEIMDALL project is the winner of the “Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak” program promoted by the European Space Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry for technological innovation and digitization and support of the Italian Space Agency.

HAIMDALL aims at supporting Healthcare organisations, intervention bodies and policy makers in facing pandemic in progress, and to prevent the emergence of future pandemics well in advance.

HEIMDALL is part of the European Space Agency demonstration projects on the topic of Health and has been designed and developed in collaboration with the following Italian stakeholders: Gemelli Policlinic (Lazio), ASL Toscana Nord Ovest (Local Health Authority for the North-Western area of Tuscany region), Hospital of Novara, San Luigi Hospital of Turin, Red Cross of Domodossola, Piedmont Region, Municipality of Novara, Municipality of Baceno.

HEIMDALL is an effective and versatile web-based tool for crisis management, thanks to the fast-learning abilities of the underlying algorithms. It forecasts the epidemic spreading, allowing the target users to:

  • get precise and timely information on the location and extent of contagion;
  • forecast material and personnel needed to face the crisis;
  • analyse scenarios to implement the most effective prevention and containment measures;
  • devise and evaluate strategies to reduce socio-economic impacts.

Click on the image below to see the flyer of the project: