Sacre Tour

The general objective of the project is the construction of a religious and cultural theme based primarily on a highly valuable resource located in the Municipality of Armeno.

Specific objectives of the project are:
  • The complete recovery of the “Casa Badanelli” of Armeno
  • The preparation of a restaurant inside the structure
  • The development of youth entrepreneurial activities of self-financing connected to the recovered asset
  • An audit of the “religious” resources of the area is carried out
  • The realization of an audit of the current tourist offer, in terms of specialized packages
  • The realization of a geomarketing analysis on international markets, with particular attention to the emerging ones
  • The analysis of the positive effects of EXPO 2015 on the area in question
  • The construction of specific tourist packages for each potential demand segment identified (different ages; different countries, etc.)
  • The proposal of specific marketing tools for each package built
  • The realization of training activities related to the cultural and tourist sector
  • The creation of a mobile App dedicated to the paths of religious tourism created
  • The creation of a crowdfunding platform to raise funds on specific territorial projects related to the theme of “Sacre Tour

In addition, the project expresses the desire to develop professional and technological excellence and skills to trigger economic and social growth linked in particular to culture, tourism and the high value-added craft enterprise.

The objective is also to recover the historical heritage and to create a distinct center of aggregation and training in a territory that is devoid of it, thus achieving a greater possibility of meeting between people, coming from all over the world.