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The iDistributedPV - the diffusion of PhotoVoltaics in Italy: market evolution, strategy perspectives and proposal of a demo tool for scenario analysis

Rome, February 25th, 2020

iDistributedPV was to develop affordable integrated solutions to enhance the penetration of distributed solar PhotoVoltaics in buildings, based on the effective integration of solar PV equipment, energy storage, monitoring and controlling strategies and procedures, active demand management, smart technologies and the integration of procedures in the power distribution system according to market criteria. The project built on the concept of “prosumer”: a player that consumes and produces electricity in its facilities. Throughout its life, the project has been the EU common place for enhancing the distributed solar PV: promoters, equipment manufacturers, DSOs, energy policy experts and R&D players worked together to develop affordable solutions and produce business and management models for these solutions. The most promising solutions integrate solar PV generation, energy solar PV production equipment, inverters, storage devices, smart technologies, active demand management approaches, monitoring strategies and procedures, grid operation procedures and criteria and the relevant regulatory models. These were validated according to an agreed evaluation framework in five different European real distribution grids, considering different climatic, regulatory and technical conditions: their investment and operative costs and the revenues due to the sale of electricity and/or the reduction of cost of electricity supply were evaluated.

The event will be the occasion for an open assessment of strategies and policies on PV renewables, as well as to discuss on current EU and Italian market developments. It will also include a session on the development of a demo tool for dynamic scenario analysis on PV diffusion, in order to stimulate a discussion on the potential, the barriers and the regulatory implications of self-consumption based on solar renewables in Italy. Key issues include:

  • The potential for prosumers
  • The importance of energy demand management
  • The role of storage systems
  • Possibilities to value self-consumption
  • Current Regulatory barriers in the EU with specific focus on Italy
  • The impact of distributed generation on the reliable operation of distribution networks
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Practical information

The meeting will be held at Link Campus University, Via del Casale di San Pio V, n.44, Aula 10. You may also access the facility by via Gregorio VII. The closest metro station is CORNELIA on line A. This is in walking distance from the Link Campus.

Hotels that have an agreement with the Link campus University are:

You could write directly to them saying that you will join the event inside the Link Campus University.


Please register by writing to albe@novareckon.it before Feb. 22th, 2020.
You will receive a written confirmation by e-mail.